Höstpendling deluxe

I morse fick jag lite tid över och valde att köra turen över Ekerö, fast åt andra hållet då jag naturligtvis skulle till jobbet.Redan uppe vid Gullmarsplan tyckte jag att det var färre cyklar ute än normalt, hösten och kylan kanske tar ut sin rätt?Själv tyckte jag nog att vädret var bland de bästa på länge, förutom att kylan piskade mina stackars knän, måste nog försöka hitta några värmeskydd.Det tog knappt en timme att ta sig till Slagstafärjan och en knapp timme från färjeläget till Frösundavik dit jag skulle, vilket betyder ett rullsnitt på dryga 25km/h vilket jag är helt nöjd med, 35mm’s däcken rullar ju inte sådär överjäkligt bra.Nästa gång tar jag vägen över Ågestavägen istället, borde ge mig någon mil till tycker jag.Det här är ju kul men jag insåg nog just att jag inte orkar skriva så mycket. Ikväll är det traditionsenlig tisdagstur.

6 svar till “Höstpendling deluxe”

  1. Hi,
    Sorry I can't type in your language, knowing you can read in mine. I am considering a 56 Peregrine and saw your comment on owning one.
    I can not read the standover height on the Singular website, I hope, because if it is really 858mm SO for a medium 56 I am buggered. Can you tell me what your SO ht is please,
    Thanks and best regards,


  2. Johan,
    Thanks for the quick reply. May I inquires as to why you sold the Peregrine? I have been giving the bike some thought but would love to hear your opinion. I am not convinced toe overlap problems are acceptable as it limits input and can put you on the ground. If you can get the stand over I would appreciate it and thanks again.
    best regards,


  3. Hi again!
    The reason that I sold it didn't have to do anything with the toe overlap even though I still think it is more than I want for commuting in the Stockholm area.
    I just wanted something new, you see I have a ”sick” need to buy new bicycles every now and then and now it was time for the CX :o)
    I still loved it but my new CX is approximately 3 kilos (app 6lbs) lighter than the Peregrine.

    One thing you should know is that I could not use compact cranks since the chainstays are too wide so I used a Shimano SLX crank with 44/22. The Q-far gets a little wider and you have to use a MTB front derailleur since the arm isn't long enough on a racebike derailleur. So it isn't obvious how to make the gears work fine.

    I asked my friend about the SO yesterday evenining, hope he gets back to me today.


  4. Johan,
    I have a couple of cross bikes, a Lemond Poprad and a Gunnar Crosshairs. I am not a racer but like you can't pass a bike without becoming lustful. I have been putting the most miles on a Salsa Fargo. The bike with fat tires is so fun I thought I would build a fat tire alternative to a T2000 Cannondale Tourer. Al seems to elicit some aversion while Fe feels like silk on the road. Got to get the Al out of the garage before I have some strange dissimilar metal problem besides just a harsh ride. I can swap all the components except the brakes from the CD to a Peregrine or a Gryphon so am trying to decide. The older I get the more places I want to ride where roads turn to paths and paths to wilderness.
    I appreciate your help!!
    I will read your blog after I master Swedish.



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